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  • Brunswick Victoria Australia
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Closing 13 Dec 2019
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Senior Women’s Coach - Brunswick Lacrosse

  • Challenging role, and very rewarding when you see the improvements!

  • Make significant impact to this new women’s side.

  • Learn a new sport, with full support from the club.

We are looking for you, a passionate coach that is focused on personal growth and development for our players. You’re good at getting a team focused, motivated and winning.

You’ve coached a team sport in the past where under your watch the team improved their skills and results, both individually and as a team.

You’re now looking for a new challenge, perhaps where you will learn a new sport, and have the opportunity to improve the bottom team and move them up the ladder!

We have predominantly new players in a non mainstream sport. Lacrosse knowledge isn’t necessary, we want someone that can inspire our players to want to development. To manage personalities and relationships to help our women’s team achieve their best.

The result we would like from you as a Coach is to have a team that is improving both offensively and defensively, where every team member feels included, at home, and has steps to continually enhance their individual Lacrosse skills.

We want you to maintain and grow the enthusiasm following our first season on the female competition.

The targets for the new season will be to keep opposition goals down to maximum 13 goals, and for the team to score at least 5 goals at 4 games. (From 14 games played, 2019 season average was 2.2 goals per game and 20 opposition goals).

You have the opportunity to make a significant impact to the growth of a great group of women entering their second season in March 2020, where you will be surrounded by one of the most supportive and inclusive clubs there is around.

Brunswick Lacrosse celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, and also launched the first Senior Women’s team. While most of the team were new to the sport, they played with passion and persistence, and developed their skills gradually. There is more for the team to learn and improve, with the most important being to focus on rapidly advancing their basic skills of throwing and catching.

The team has training Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-8:00 pm and game day is on Sunday where you need to be available from 12-3 pm (March - September). Training days are negotiable as long as you have delegated appropriately.

We want you to help this great group of women to climb the ladder. We can provide sport specific technical support and relish the opportunity to have fresh eyes on our game plan and structures.

If this sounds like the role for you, apply now to find out more!


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Brunswick Lacrosse celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2019 and also launched the first Senior Women’s team.

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Negar Riazati

Brunswick Lacrosse

Negar Riazati


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